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Microsoft Sponsorship

Microsoft is committed to delivering affordable, innovative cloud solutions to help nonprofits tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. Through the Nonprofit Tech Acceleration for Black and African American Communities program, Microsoft is committed to using its strengths—powerful technology combined with a comprehensive network of partnerships—to help improve the lives within Black and African American communities.

The goal of the program is to help 1,000 community-based organizations access technology and use it effectively. This is part of Microsoft’s overall commitment to better serve Black and African American communities. YOURS Ministry applied for the technology grant and has been selected as one of the organizations sponsored by Microsoft through this Initiative. This has truly been a blessing as we begin to open our computer lab this summer through the financial help of the Nusbaum, Parsons, and Squires Donor Advised Foundations of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.

What kinds of technical assistance does the Microsoft program offer?

This community-based initiative provides technology including licenses for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Microsoft 365 Business Premium alone is a lifesaver, where paying for it is somewhat of a barrier. We have been in training sessions on Microsoft 365, Azure, and Power Apps with our own consultants. Microsoft ensures that we not only know how to activate and use it, but that we can also use it effectively. Microsoft consultants train our staff to understand how to use Teams to better collaborate internally and as a better way to store documents. In addition, YOURS has access to learning curriculums and training classes. Microsoft is also offering longer-term assistance (10 years or more) to YOURS with the ability to have the highest impact in the communities served

Darrell Booker, Microsoft NTA Program’s Manager states,

“The only way we’re going to make a change is with this hyperfocus at the community level, all across the country. Our communities are where we live, work, study, play – so we need to pump all the necessary resources into improving them. My ultimate goal is to bring awareness to these nonprofits that technology should not be a barrier. It’s a necessity and it’s available – and through embracing it, you can have the biggest impact possible.”

Please pray that the YOURS Ministry may be "thoroughly equipped for every good work" as we begin computer training that will impact and decrease the barriers our young people face due to circumstances beyond their control.

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