Updated: Jul 11

YOURS Ministry has begun its summer programming.

FLIPSIDE (the opposite side of the wrong side) for our middle schoolers began Tuesday and will continue every Tuesday from 7-10 pm throughout the summer. What a great night of sharing the message of God and His Love, playing games, and having fun.

On Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 pm, we hold music production workshops. Mr. David and Mr. Richie, phenomenal musicians and sound techs share their gifts with our youth. This is our second week and students have learned about guitar and percussion instruments, the handling of microphones, and recording. Some students are working on lyrics. Looking forward to the finished product.

Thursday nights are geared for our high school students. We start tonight from 8 - midnight.

YOURS is also scheduling various field trips throughout the summer.

Our four college interns are working so well with our youth, developing lessons and games for our middle and high school students. We seek your prayers for the safety of our youth this summer in the midst of increased violence. Thank you for your financial support. We have raised $6,000 of the $15,000 needed in providing scholarship funds for our interns and assistance in providing EVERY youth an opportunity to participate in summer field trips.

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