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The Gift for Learning

Updated: Sep 28

YOURS Ministry continues to assist students during this COVID-19 time. Students in Norfolk are learning from home for the first 9 weeks of school. For some, this has been a trying time. As reported in the Virginian Pilot "People are looking for desks. If they find some that are not expensive, they're not available until November".

YOURS Ministry has teamed up with Tom Brandl of Tidewater Wooden Boats in purchasing ten desks for middle and high school students in need of a viable home workspace. These desks are 2 1/2 feet and opens to spaces students can store their school materials in, much like those at school. There's even a hole for the laptop power cord.

YOURS Ministry not only purchased the desks, but delivered them to the students. "This is a gift that helps our students to succeed" states Mr. Rob.

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